a mantra for brand transformation

like any ‘master’ in their chosen field, at squeak creative consultants, we have our own signature recipe and special process: a ‘formula’ for brand transformation, one perfected over 35 years of collective experience

it involves gently frisking generous amounts of creative thinking into the core essence of a brand, and sautéing it with a thorough creative design churn. adding to the blend a delicate garnish of broad vision and deep passion. flavouring it with a sprinkling of imaginative skill. spicing it with some subtle innovation. then, finishing it with a mild grilling, to produce a brilliant, sparkling crust

this scrumptious creation is sure to tickle the taste buds. to thrill the senses. to satiate brand connoisseurs the world over

our creations, with their outstanding design and graphics, are truly impressive. they give a brand high visibility, they ensure long-lasting recall. and boost sales to transform your bottom line.

from bubble to squeak

some years ago, a group of creative talents came together to launch bubble design and visual communication in mumbai, india

visualiser, designer, illustrator, photographer, writer: they brought different talents to the table and conjured up ‘recipes’ to launch new brands into orbit or rejuvenate older ones, helping them soar to newer heights

with a mix of elegant visual identities; slick and stylised print and digital collateral; eclectically innovative events and outreach initiatives; a dynamic, effervescent, with-it social media presence; and many other elements, they gave each brand fresh momentum, while always ensuring that it translated into measurable benefits.

as their bubbles grew larger, they flew farther to new cities, regions, countries and even continents. now, the award-winning team, with over 35 years of collective experience, has entered a new territory; europe, and centred in birmingham, united kingdom, and will now create its magic under the banner of squeak.

viv sylva has been the creative head at bubble design & visual communication, an award winning design agency, that he set up and steered for the past 14 years.

he comes across as mild and soft-spoken at first, but once he dons his creative cape, a new avatar emerges. in his role as creative head, he exudes passion and vision, enthusiasm and energy, and a spark of innovative brilliance.

if the job requires corporate slick, one side of viv shows up; but, for younger brands, and other less strait-jacketed projects, it’s the idiosyncratic, out of the box innovator who waves his magic wand.

bearded and bespectacled, he is at home conceptualising and springing life to his ideas using either a pencil or a mouse; he shoots and edits both still and video; breathes life into products with attractive eye-catching packaging; and at the drop of a hat he has even climbed a ladder to paint larger-than-life murals on a wall. aided by his magic touch, new brands have catapulted into instant orbit; and older ones have reached new heights.

now, in his new avatar as creative head at squeak, viv has switched on a wide angle lens and broadened the canvas, but will continue to deliver the same results that have won multiple awards over the years.

countries across the globe