Tryble is a premium dry fruit brand under Aelea Commodities, that deals in the retailing of quality cashew nuts, apart from other commodities. It will be retailed in 3 flavours namely: Plain, Roasted & Salted and Chili. It will be consumed as a snack (perhaps as an accompaniment with a drink) and could also be used as part of food preparation. Tryble, with its slick, contemporary packaging, aims to take on the global ‘nut market’.

This logo rendition signifies the shape of the cashew in its initial form – the fruit itself. The unit comprises of fluid characters with a twirl denoting the nut, when it’s a part of the cashew fruit. The shapes and dots are also synonymous with typical tribal art forms. The customised typeface is bold and stylish. The double outlining helps in shelf throw and clear visibility.

The contemporary graphics on the packaging have been inspired from the cashew fruit. The colour and graphics are vibrant with a hint of tribal art, but not restricted to any particular tribal art form.